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June 11 2015

Hit the Hot Tub! The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff is Coming Next Week


Get Decked Out


Your Sims have been on an outdoor retreat. They’ve gone to work. They’ve attended some luxurious parties. That sounds fun, but more than a little exhausting. Isn’t it time they just had some rest and relaxation? Next week, your Sims can get just that, when The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff Pack releases, complete with new decorations, items, and – of course – hot tubs!


Perfect Patio Stuff gives your Sims all the things they need to create an awesome outdoor space. There’s a new grill and patio bar where Sims enjoy some outdoor dining, and new furniture and décor to help keep your Sim’s back yard looking fresh and stylish. New swimsuits, hairstyles, and casual outfits are also included for Sims who want to relax in the afternoon sun.

But most exciting is the addition of the all-new hot tub! Up to eight Sims (including children, for the first time in The Sims history!) can be in the hot tub at once. It’s a great place to hang out, and can get even better if your Sims enhance it with the stereo and aromatherapy upgrades. Sure, hanging out in hot water is pretty awesome, but listening to some killer music and enjoying pleasant aromas at the same time? That’s livin’ the life.


We wanted to make sure that hot tubs in The Sims 4 were the best in the series, and we think you (and your Sims) are going to love them. The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff has that and much more – and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself next week!

May 25 2015

Is anyone else pissed that http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/ was abandoned? wtf?

May 24 2015

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Lilac: We have little lemons growing, babe.

Lemon: We don’t have a garden?

Lilac: I know. :)

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Lilac: Today was a pretty successful day, don’t you think Lemon?

Lemon: You know what really turns me on? Business management.

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Hard work at the store.  ♥

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Lemon just showing off his awesome reptilian scaley skin.

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Lilac: Please attend these customers babe. We can’t afford to have anyone walk out.

Lemon: Yes ma’am. ;)

Lilac: Don’t call me ma’am you goof.

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Lemon: Hi, You are our first customer! If you need anything, ask me or my wife, Lilac. She also runs the store…but I’m in charge.

Lilac: Yeah, okay. Whatever.

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A kiss for luck before they open their new store.  ♥

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Since Lilac is childish, she immediately began playing with a toy unicorn that she was going to sell…

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Lilac and Lemon wanted to own a geeky store so they purchased a run down building and renovated it to their liking. It’s very small right now, but will grow with time. :)

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I’m already in love with them. If you couldn’t tell, Lilac is on the right and Lemon is on the left.

Lilac has a skin condition called the ‘blotches’ and it’s hereditary. It causes itching constantly and can glow in the dark. Her children are more than likely to get this disease.

Lemon’s father was a yellow berry sim and his mother was a full mermaid. He inherited characteristics from them both.

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♥ Meet Lilac & Lemon Ocean!

They are going to be our new legacy simmies. More info about them later. 

rip limelegacy

May 23 2015

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It was a good run, but RIP the lime legacy..I saved while I was at Outdoor retreat and saved and quit and then came back and I couldn’t load the family it was just a loop of loading and then choosing the world. :( I will miss you guys. :(((((( I’m still looking for answers to this stupid glitch so if you have had this happen before, tell me how you fixed it. ;~; ?

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Just some scenery.

& Journey being a goof.

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Ivy was missing Alexander Goth, so she invited him to go camping. She must have said something wrong because he made an ogre face and then stormed off. :(

You can do better Ivy. He’s a jerk.

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I’ve been doodling a lot lately so feel free to check out my new adoptables on 


o w o

They look really blurry in the previews sorry . :(

Click me!


So I sent my sims to Granite Falls and had to get off, so I saved in Granite Falls and quit the game. I came back to them the next day and my sims are literally not accessible. I click the family, it takes me to a loading screen, and then it goes back to where you choose a world. It does this every time like an unlimited loop. Can someone help :( ?

May 22 2015

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True love :).

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Family dinner. :) Mint is such a cutie. 

Actually, this whole family is amazing.

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